8 Items That You Should Not Pack When You Are Moving

August 28, 2018 0

Whenever you plan to relocate to a new house, you are always advised to take the DIY approach of packing your stuff. This may be an excellent way of avoiding extra costs of having a mover do that for you. Additionally, it will save both you and the Calgary movers a lot of time on the moving day. This early packing can turn out to be disastrous.

Why? Because there are some household things that you should never pack. So, before you take it upon yourself to pack your stuff, try to, first, know the “non-allowables.” The list of things that movers will not help you move. The ones that you will have to figure out your own ways of moving to your new home. Here are some of the things that you should not pack.

1. Perishable items

If the moving day has arrived, but you still have plenty of frozen foods, and other produce lingering about, you can choose to donate them to your local food bank. You can even give some to your neighbors, friends, and family members so that they do not go to waste.

2. Explosives

Many moving companies strictly don’t move explosives. Guns, fireworks, firearms, explosive, and even the toxic substances are a no-no for moving companies. And do not leave them unattended either. Children can get curious and want to play with them and end up injuring themselves.

3. Plants and flowers

Some states have laws against plants crossing state lines. But if you are moving locally, then it is wise to check with the moving company you intend to use if they also move plants. You never know, they may agree to the idea. But still, it is wise to check with the moving company first. You may choose to ignore asking then end up leaving your plants behind on the moving day.

4. Valuables

It is best that you keep all your treasures and any other valuables with you at all times during the move. Have your money, jewelry, and securities tucked securely in a safe deposit box near your new home. You do not want to run the risk of losing them during the trip.

5. Important documents

You also need to be mindful of where you put your valuable papers when packing. Do not pack them with any of your other stuff. Remember, there are some documents like your ID and other cards like health insurance cards and documents that you may need at any time. You need to have them close at all times. Not packed away in some moving box.

6. Medications

Get your pharmacist to transfer your medical prescriptions to your new home so that you can buy them from there. Then you need to work out how you can transport any medications that you have at home safely to your new place too. Do not forget your pet’s medication also.

7. Basic cleaning supplies

Your new home may have already been cleaned before you moved in. But on the moving day, you never know what will happen. Things will most likely be thrown everywhere. The movers may also make a mess on the floors as they help you move your stuff into your new home. You will want to have your cleaning supplies in hand and ready when needed.

8. Phone and laptop chargers

When packing, be careful not to pack your phone and even the laptop chargers. What will you do if your phone runs out of power and you tucked the charger somewhere far in the moving box? Instead, keep these sanity-saving items somewhere close where you can easily access and use them should you need them.