Seven Minor Home Renovations You Should Consider In 2018

June 16, 2018 0

Just this year alone, you will notice that a good number, about 58% of all homeowners are already planning about how they can start organizing for their home improvement projects and projects related to roofing Toronto of their homes. This data is in accordance with a survey which was conducted by a division of SunTrust Bank Inc. On more than 1,400 homeowners.

You will also find that about 14% of all homeowners site aging of homes as being the main motivating factor for their home improvement projects. And that will include even the homeowners who aren’t approaching old age yet. These are just some of the many reasons why you need to start planning your home renovations this coming 2018 and look for the best roofers in the town. Take a step and start renovating your home now. Here is where this article comes into play; to provide you with seven minor home renovations that you may want to consider come this 2018.

1. Adding anti-slip surfaces to your shower and tabs

Showers and bath tab surfaces have always been known to be common causes of slips which can cause accidents even as you are cleaning yourself. Adding anti-slip surfaces like no-slip shower mats can be a brilliant idea to help cover this hazardous problem. You will realize that you need to have one the day you slide and fall in your shower.

2. Tack mats and rugs to the floor

You also need to take adequate measures to tack your floor mats and rugs wherever you believe a fall may happen. In most cases, you find that the entryways and or hallways are the most ideal areas to do this. Ensure that you have something underneath your mats and or rugs to ensure that they are firmly secured to your house floor.

3. Get a taller toilet

You might also want to opt to get a taller floor if you are replacing your toilet as well as make the whole standing up the process while helping yourself stop feeling like more of a chore. You will also use less low body strength whenever you are getting up or down the toilet.

4. Add a colorful strip to your step edges

By adding different and easily distinguishable colors to the strips of your stairs, you will also ensure that you significantly stem away from the possibilities of slips and falls from staircases. You can use paint to do this or even use different materials for the different staircase strips.

5. Install grab bars

You can also install grab bars throughout your home especially in the areas and places where standing might be more difficult after a while. The grab bars will help to keep you more balanced and steady. Some of the most common places for grab bars are next to the toilet and in the shower areas.

6. Start tightening things

You should also ensure that you tighten all the things, especially when it comes with bolts which essentially hold vital pieces of the home together. Take, for example, the posts which are placed on your stairs. These need to be very tight.

7. Switch out your doorknobs for pull-down handles

When you get older, you find that the loss of grip and things like arthritis starts to take hold of your body. Both situations can affect even the young people as well. But in such situations, you can decide to switch out all the doorknobs in your home for the pull-down handles which you can pull without necessarily having to grip.