9 Essential Household Items Every Mum Should Have in Their Homes

May 23, 2018 0

When it comes to house decorations, every person usually has his/her own preference which also portrays their personalities. Everyone has his/her own design preferences and rules for their homes. One person might prefer the modern design while another prefers the more traditional design for their homes. But even so, here are some ultimate go-to’s which should work pretty well for every home.

1. A splurge

It actually makes sense to get a splurge item and fit one in your budget. Maybe you’ve been trying to look for a justifiable reason to want to buy that splurge item you’ve always wished you had. It may be that new piece of lighting you’ve wished you had for some time. At least you will feel like you put your money to use on something you’ve always wanted.

2. Something modest

It is also advisable that you always know when to go for something more basic. You can call this one of the flip sides of splurging. After all, every new piece or item that you buy will literally be stretching your budget in one way or the other.

3. A wood table or stool

Some people would think that there is already enough natural wood in the house. Other people have never even given wooden tables and stools much thought. But wood can also be an essential material when it comes to adding some sense of warmth and life to your home. You can try some of the accent pieces like the classic Eames walnut stools.

4. Black and white art

You can use the black and white art to give your home more sense of sophistication. It can be a timeless piece of a photograph or a modern painted canvas with a monochrome element which not only adds an air of maturity but also extends the color pallets to both extremes.

5. Something bold

Well, an orange ceiling won’t exactly work for everyone, but you need to, at least, have one bold and beautiful element in your home which can’t easily be found anywhere else. It can be a striking wallpaper, bright color, a mismatched piece of furniture, or even a quirky vintage. At least have one choice which feels like a risk or something like that.

6. An element of sparkle

Lighting usually tends to be one of the most favored splurges simply because it can easily add more sparkle to your home and create a photo-ready finish touch as well. A little sparkle can bring an element of life and movement to a home.

7. Cloth napkins

Many homeowners usually prefer having some cloth napkins at their disposal whenever they need to use them. You can also give yourself this simple but sometimes necessary luxury where you can comfortably tuck any leftover foodstuffs.

8. A great place to read

Many designers have always been known to have hard angles and uncomfortable furniture. But sometimes, it can be a good idea to have a place where you can whip up a book and have a good read. You can also include a plush chair and handy floor lamp and stool where you can place the lamp. You will be all set.

9. Champagne flutes

You may be the type who always has guests over who can take one or two drinks for the road. This can be a wonderful accessory to your home. Where you pull up a champagne flute to celebrate an occasion or just have a good time.