8 Hand Me Downs Items That Can Be Dangerous to Your Baby

May 23, 2018 0

Hand-me-downs have been around for generations and have always been some of the best ways parents can save a lot of money. The best and most common hand-me-downs are usually the baby clothes. Babies tend to grow very fast and you can end up spending a fortune just trying to keep up.

The expense part of these items are the main reason why many parents get tempted to accept and go for the second hand items. Even so, there are some things that should probably never be handed down. Some of them have been discussed below.

1. Bath toys

Bath toys can be cute and loads of fun as well. But then, it usually doesn’t take long before mildew and mold start to settle in the innards of these bright bath toys. Some can get infected in as little as a day or even two. So, even if you look at a baby bath toy and think it’s clean, you can’t be absolutely certain, especially if you can’t see all the way through the baby toy.

2. Car seats

Baby car seats can be quite pricey, which can make the prospect of receiving a hand-me-down from another parent a very attractive option. But unless you can verify the history of the car seats, it would be with you and your child’s best interest to let that opportunity pass on by.

3. Cribs

Another popular hand-me-down is the baby crib. However, accepting an already used crib can sometimes be hazardous to your baby. There are many different factors that you need to look into like the hardware of the crib, construction, and many more different features that are required to keep your infant safe. Any missing pieces or parts can pose a great risk to your child, which can add to your problems.

4. Breast pumps

Breast pumps have become must-have equipment for most breastfeeding mothers who prefer to express milk. The problem, however, is that they are too expensive. Most of the breast pumps that are on the market nowadays are open systems. Which means that the mother’s milk can come into contact with some parts of the pump which can’t be sterilized. So, sharing this item can be very infectious and deadly to your child.

5. Pacifiers

Even the experts recommend that you change your own pacifiers from time to time. Especially when they begin to show signs of wear and tear like holes or discolorations. Don’t accept any handed down, pacifiers unless they are brand new or in their unopened original packaging.

6. Mesh-sided play yards

Portable play yards and playpens also rank high up when it comes to hand-me-downs. It is advised that you thoroughly inspect all the mesh and ensure that there are no holes, tears, or loose strings on the mesh-sided play yards. You also need to ensure that all the top rails safely lock into place. There are many requirements you need to look into. This makes the idea of avoiding used play yards the better option.

7. Walkers

Baby walkers might have fallen out of favor over time, but you can still find some selling in the United States. Some states have even banned the production of this item and accepting any used baby walker can be a bad deal, especially when it was made before the CPSC safety standard update.

8. Beanbags

Most parents get this item for the slightly older kids. But some of the used ones can have unnoticed holes which can allow pellets to escape and can be quite hazardous to your kids. Better safe than sorry right?