5 Summer Cleaning Tips for Your House

May 23, 2018 0

The warm summer periods are some of the best times to enjoy the beautiful weather, hang out with friends and family and bite some of the fresh fruits and vegetables that the season comes with. This is also the best time to work on your property and make sure everything is in order and working before you send out invitation cards for any of your friends or family members.

The spring season is usually the time to work on the interior of your home; dusting, mopping, perhaps even doing a little steam cleaning of your rugs. The summer period, however, is time to concentrate more on your outdoor environment. Here is a list of some of the things you can do on your home during this summer period.

1. Spray away all of the winter and spring residues

Winters can be very harsh sometimes, depending on where you live and by the time spring starts to roll around, most of your house exterior has been covered by the remains of road salt, debris, and dirt. The spring period can help wash some of this stuff away even though it also comes with pollen, yet another problem.

This can call for you to pressure wash some of the exterior areas of your house like the sidewalks, patios, and driveways to remove any of the leftover residual dirt or debris which have built over from the other seasons.

2. Refresh your patio furniture

You can also decide to do a bit of cleaning and refresh your patio furniture using a new paint coating to make it look brand new. You can also do a quick inspection and check whether there are any areas that need maintenance or servicing. Check for any tears in the umbrella or peeling on the table legs. You can also inspect the chairs if there are any cracks or any torn fabric and fix them.

3. Spruce up the garden and yard

This is also the best time to go round your garden and yard to check whether there are any areas which might have been hit harder by the previous seasons. You can also clean out the flower beds of any weeds or leaves and plant colorful flowers that will blossom in the summer period.

You also need to be on the lookout for any potential hazards like wasp or beehives and safely remove any that you find before your next barbeque to avoid any accidents to you or any of your guests.

4. Declutter the cabinets

The summer period can also be the perfect time to clean out the kitchen cabinets. Remove any stale snacks which you might have stored in there and forgot about. Wipe down the kitchen shelves and doors and leave everything fresh and organized. This also helps to eliminate any germs which would have built up during the spring seasons.

5. Get organized and prepare for autumn

The summer period is a good time to do some home organization and maintenance and keep everything in place and ready for the next season. Clean your gutters, chimneys, and do furnace checkups as well. You will need them for the autumn season.