10 Everyday Products That Have Been Wasting Your Money

May 23, 2018 0

You might agree with the idea that the average American seemingly doesn’t have enough money to pay for any unexpected expenses like medical emergencies or home repairs or car problems. Studies have also proven that only about 40% of Americans can say that they have enough savings to cover for any of the unplanned bills.

It is vital that you start saving as soon as possible if you feel you don’t have enough cash in your savings account. One day, you may end up stuck with some emergency which will require you to cough up a lot of cash. One way you can easily build your savings is by avoiding spending your cash on a lot of unnecessary items. Here is a list of the top ten products that you are putting your money on but which you can actually do without, and stop right away.

1. Specific cleaning products

Instead, you can opt to go for the quality multi-purpose cleaners instead of collecting various specific cleaners for different rooms and surfaces. You can use these multi-purpose cleaners throughout your home. Some of them even come with reusable microfiber clothes which helps you save even more.

2. Individual beverages

If you are the $3-a-day coffee kind of guy, then if you sum up that amount for the whole year, you will find that you spend nearly $1,100 each year on coffee alone. You can go for the alternative option where you brew your coffee from home. This costs only pennies by comparison. You can also opt to drink tap water in place of those expensive bottled or canned sodas.

3. Fabric softener and dryer sheets

Aside from being pricier, the scented and softening laundry products can also cause huge buildups in your washer and dryer. The better option you can go for instead is white vinegar which also softens but leaves no lingering scents. You can also use dryer balls in place of sheets for similar results.

4. Microwave popcorn

Here, you can opt to try a package of popcorn kernels which yields much more popcorn compared to a bag of microwave popcorn and surprisingly, for the same price. Aside from being cheaper, the popcorn kernels are also healthier.

5. Disposable plates, straws, and cups

Paper plates, one-use straws, and plastic cups usually end up in landfills. They also cost a lot more if you do your calculations. You can instead opt for the reusable plastic cups and plates which quickly pay for themselves in the long run. 

6. Disposable razors

Studies have found that about 2 billion disposable razors are tossed by Americans every year. Now that’s a lot of money going to waste. Instead, you can decide to swap to the safety razors which are more affordable plus you can keep the handle.

7. Print subscriptions

Almost all magazines and newspapers now have online alternatives which are cheaper, if not free. You can, instead, opt for these instead of paying for the daily print subscriptions.

8. Small trash bags

You can also use some of the small grocery bags you have lying around in your home filling up space to work as small garbage bins throughout your home or office. You can use this surplus in place of the more expensive store-bought trash bags.

9. Disinfectant wipes

These wipes may be convenient when it comes to cleaning germy messes, but they usually are unnecessary expenses. Instead, you can use vinegar and water mixture to spray on countertops to clean sticky messes.

10. Vitamins

Multivitamins are also a waste of money which may also end up doing you more harm than good. Why not use that money to buy healthier foods instead?